About Us

She Said, She Said explores the way two women, mother and daughter, slip and slide through poopy diaper madness, sleep deprivation and “You can’t be serious!” conversations in order to define their new roles.

Judith (Glam-Ma) is a travel book, magazine and newspaper author and Glam-Ma to her two beautiful granddaughters.  Her days are spent researching baby basics and buying unnecessary toys and tutus so she can drive her daughter crazy.  She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, Steve, and chocolate labrador, Daisy.

Lauren (Mama) is a marketing and public relations specialist and mother of two gorgeous babies.  Her days are spent chasing toddlers, changing diapers, carpooling and cleaning oatmeal off the wall.  She lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, Patrick, and daughters, Meg (4) and Julia (1.)

Contact us at shesaidshesaidtalks@gmail.com.

Photo by Lynne Goldstein, Goldstein Photography  

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