Mama Says – Bath Time…How Dirty Are They?

My mom and I have an ongoing argument.

I have gotten in the habit of giving my kids a bath at night before bedtime.  It is usually every night…maybe every other night.  If my mom happens to call during this time, or if we are visiting and I suggest bath time, she laughs at me and says “how dirty can they really be?”  She says that she used to bathe me maybe once or twice a week.  My mother-in-law liked to bathe her babies in the morning when it was quiet and everyone was in a happy, rested mood.  Apparently everyone has a different way of doing it.

I give my kids a bath at night for several reasons.

1.  It helps to fight what I call the evening “crank factor.”  From about 4:30 pm on, my sweet little angels take on demon-like personality traits and bath time gives me a way to kill some time before bed in a contained (and CLEAN!) environment.  Did I just say kill time?  I meant, spend quality time with my adorable children.  Truly, I did.

2.  I don’t have time in the morning.  In the morning, I consider it a great start to the day if I get to bathe.  And let’s face it, clean, happy mom wins.

But most importantly,

3.  After dinner in my house, my kids usually look like this –

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